Saturday, April 18, 2009

Successful Businessman John Beckett

...I went for years, searching and struggling. For me, the way home was neither clear nor compelling. I understand others who are confused. For the longest time, I thought it was enough to “be good,” to “do kind deeds,” to “be moral” or to serve others. I now realize these are important, but they are not transformational. They’re not the same as coming home spiritually. That only happens when we enter a personal, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.At this critical transition in my own life, I understood very little about the profound change that was taking place. Now, through insights gained from the Bible, from sound teaching and the “classroom of life,” I have a much better grasp of how a person enters and walks out that vital relationship. As I explain how one becomes properly related to God, I’m sure I won’t address every question. But I believe I’ve found a reliable roadmap. I know it would have helped me on my journey. I trust it will help you...

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passion is what differentiates two individuals doing the same thing.God is passionate