Saturday, March 28, 2009

God' Move In Nigeria

Africa is the continent the Lord Jesus has reserved for the end time revival and move, and Nigeria is believed to be the trigger point.

Over the years, God has raised men and women to prepare the hearts of many and even to get ready the soldiers for the move. Men that understands the mind of God for now,teachers of the word with great move of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye,Late,Pastor Bimbo Odukoya etc
These men are the Moses' that would bring forth the Joshua(s);the Elija(s) that would bring forth the Elisha(s).

The creation are eanestly waiting the manifestation of the sons of God.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Largest Church

This magnificent masterpiece is the acclaimed largest church on earth ;seating about 50,000 people in a singular meeting, with an overflow of about 250,000 people outside.

the worship in this auditorium on a sunday morning is electrifying seeing such a large number of people lifting up hands in one accord. Winners' chapel(Faith Tabernacle). winnerschapel

Symbols of the Holy Spirit - Loyola Press

Symbols of the Holy Spirit - Loyola Press

The Holy Spirit

Your passion has no limit to what it can accomplish in your existence. it is your strength to pull through that huddle. the bible is full with people who conquered their limitations,with their passion.
they saw the glory set before them and were ignited in their hearts with passion.
You must be obsessed with the passion to move to the next phase of your life and create a world that will work in agreement with your dream.
Jesus succeeded because he was in control of his world. He did not allow his environment to dictate his destiny;he did not dwell in past, he always saw the future;he did not stay in places he was not accepted, he moved on.
Hey, hold dear friend. I know you have done all you can and canned all you have,it's time to loosen yourself up to the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.holyspirit. He will teach you all thing, enlighten you, grant you excellence...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Christian Cross Symbol - ReligionFacts

The Christian Cross Symbol - ReligionFacts


The purpose of a man is not outside the man , but within him. Everyone is made uniquely and charged with the power to succeed.

The world is full of people refusing to be who they are. The greatest mistake is for someone to try to be someone else.

Jesus asked; who do men say the son of man I am?This is an issue of purpose, power, and personality.

If you don't define yourself, people will define you wrongly.They will abuse your purpose and frustrate your grace(power). you must display your originality;"personality without originality is impersonation.

Don't just do anything, do your own thing.Don't be a copier. there is nothing like original.You cannot succeed by cultivating another man's field. In life, there are 5 kinds of people:

  • people that watch things happen,

  • people that don't see things happening,

  • people that discusses things happening,

  • people that destroys things that are happening,

  • and people that makes things happen.

Who are you?


passion is what differentiates two individuals doing the same thing.God is passionate