Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Good Products Sell Themselves"(StandOut)

As I drove by the other day in my neighborhood, I began to have some deep thoughts on image projection. I saw a few little trading shops with little goods in them with one or no customers in them.They look unattractive because their owners made them so. A few meter drive, I saw another shop; filled with goods and customers going in and out of it, then the question” why this great difference?”
In the time of Jesus, there were many other prophets and preachers, but he stood out from the crowd, he knew his purpose, he sold a product that is effective, he understood the needs of his clients and he serviced them.
How do you see yourself in other people’s eyes? Like grasshoppers? The way you see you is what you become. Every product can become a brand if branded. Every brand (big) started as a small product over the shelf. Coca cola and Pepsi didn’t become such big brands because they wished, but were built over time
Jesus stayed until his showing forth, not that he was dormant prior to this, but I see it more like a branding or image building period.
1.speak positively about yourself or product(s)
2.deliver on time
3.know your audience
4.create awareness (advertise) competitive creative
7.don’t speak ill of other products
8.beautiful packaging( you are seen before heard)
9.Have the JJSO plan (Jerusalem, Judea, Sameria, and the Outermost part).
Remember!“The ladder to the top starts from the bottom and no one swims the ocean from the middle, except he crashed in there”.

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