Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Don't Be Alarmed" Go Back!

The days of the end of the times are here, so do not be alarmed by the things you see going on in the world today. The prophesies of the scriptures must be fulfilled as concerning the last days, but by who?Like it is written; that, the son of man shall be betrayed, but woe unto the man by whose hand the saviour shall be betrayed:Luke 22:48.The scriptures are given to us for; correction , edification and so on, but we have the right to choose on whose side we want to belong.

I have taken a careful look into the happenings around , and have seen the attitude of many, especially the custodians of our great faith(Christians) in Jesus Christ and have discovered that truly; many are called ,but few are chosen. we are even sliding into the time of scarcity of faith, the time of it does not matter, the time of anything goes. I was in a church youth night programme a couple of years back and was ashamed. The programme was nothing short of a night party. The only thing missing was public romancing between boys and girls in the auditorium that night. I was one of the guest artist that night, and I ministered in one of my favourite songs"Run Run". the first line of the song says" the day of the Lord shall be like Sodom, the day of the Lord shall be like Gomorrah and he that have ears let him hear what the spirit is saying"... suddenly the energetic youths became very uninteresting longer; it dawned on me that; very few are expecting the coming of the Master. a song that should give us hope that one day we all shall be going home with our Master.

we must get ready for the separation, we must go back to where we started from. Can you just look back and see the day you first believed. can you feel the fire you felt that day? The desire to serve the Lord was unquenchable, you could dare anything for the Lord. from whence did you fall from you daughters of Zion? The Lord was proud of you, He spoke of you before the angel as a dependable one. one good thing is that He is still looking forward to that partnership. His gifting and calling are without repentance. Romans 11:29


passion is what differentiates two individuals doing the same thing.God is passionate