Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Power Of The Mind

Information Acquisition (IA): to be informed is to have knowledge. The man with knowledge is a king amongst many. He speaks and all listens. Prov.2:3-6, 10:4. Information is the most important ingredient for mind development;Romans 12:2. It enhances, and beautifies the mind. "Every information is a description of a destination". "An uninformed man will be deformed". Information is a map. It’s only an uninformed man that takes his step to the north but actually supposed to go south.
IA is seeking relevant knowledge in the direction of your dream, aspiration or desire. Imagine a man who is ill, but sits all day reading books on how to grow tomatoes, instead of reading books on divine healing or seeking the doctors prescription. His healing may come probably in his grave. You don’t study medical books when actually you are preparing for an engineering exam.
Acquire information that would develop your mental capacity to live in the line of your dream. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free from ignorance and complacency.

From the book"Power Of The Mind"by Kennedy Oshiogu

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