Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power Of The Mind

Set Your Priorities: He who fails to plan has planned to fail. You must set your priorities right if you must succeed in the use of your mind power. The mind is like every other part of the human body and cannot succeed trying to engage itself in more than one thing at a time. Though we can switch thoughts, but you’ve got to maximize your moment.
As it is impossible for you to go two different directions at the same time, so it is impossible to succeed with your mind power trying to engage in several activities.
A motor vehicle’ engine last longer when the driver understands the gear system. You don’t go about changing gears before the right time. Hab.2…get the vision not visions. Put your mind on a particular matter at a time for maximum result. You would agree with me that when you channel your energy towards a particular matter, you get the best of it.
Don’t be distracted. Concentrate on building that marriage, and having a peaceful home than switching gears before time...
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