Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Controversy! Jesus Is God...

Whether it is believed or not, the truyh remains that Jesus Christ is God who came in the luikeness of man. His mission on earth is to restore and build back the relationship with man. God had this in mind; "if you want a job well done, do it yourself" so, he had to come himself.

If Jesus were not God, how then did he perform all the miracles? oh! others also did. Yes, but how many of them still does?

Jesus promised he will be with his followers, that he will be with them alway, and he's kept his promise. After over 2000years, Jesus' word and the power in his name have remained relevant and potent.
To address these questions, let's consider Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18: “I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth.” What does it mean that Jesus has been “given” authority?
Prior to Jesus taking on human form, we are told that he eternally coexisted with his Father, and as God he had all authority. But Philippians 2:6-11 tells us that even though Jesus had existed in the form of God, he “stripped himself” of God’s powers to be born a human being. Yet the same passage tells us that after his resurrection Jesus was restored to his former glory, and someday “every knee will bow to him as Lord.”
So, what did Jesus mean when he claimed to have complete authority in heaven and on earth? Authority” was a well-understood term in Roman-occupied Israel. At that time, Caesar was the supreme authority in the entire Roman world. His edict could instantly launch legions for war, condemn or exonerate criminals, and establish laws and rules of government. In fact, Caesar’s authority was such that he himself claimed divinity. So, at the very least Jesus was claiming authority on a par with Caesar himself. But He didn’t just say he had more authority than the Jewish leaders or Roman rulers; Jesus was claiming to be the supreme authority in the universe. To those he spoke to, it meant that he was God. Not a god—but the God. Both their words and actions testify to the fact that they truly believed Jesus is God.

What do you think?

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