Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chronos vs Kairos

I welcome you back to this inspiring blog. I know for weeks now you would have been expecting a time I would post my regular inspiring articles. Yes! I think the time has come for more of your comments and motivation.

Today, we shall be discussing a topic that cut across all sphere of our existence and beyond. The bible says in eccl.3: 1-8 that to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:...TIME: is a major player in the affairs of men; it starts with man and ends with man.

It is the yardstick for a man' existence.

There are two kinds of time; the chronos and kairos. the former represents the timing of men, is systematic, orderly, measurable. it is measured by the clock and calender which makes it periodic in operation.

When men are fully subjected to the operations of chronos, he gets depressed when he is racing against it.

When a child is born, he/she is immediately subjected to chronos, and time is being counted on him/her; expectation are begining to gain momentum, progress reports are tagged with time and when doesn't meet up to their expectations, he is labelled a failure.

Kairos simply means Gods time or an opportuned time. eccl.9:11-12...time and chance...the birth of Isaac wasn't in the timing of man, but in kairos, the healing of the woman with the blood issue wasn't in the system of man, but in God's.

Friends, you might have passed the frame time of man and you have been surnamed failure; I've got good news for you; there is a higher dimension of life where things happens outside the standard of men."Your Miracle Is Sure"...

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