Monday, March 30, 2009


A product manufacturer has no control over how his product is used after purchase. All he has is the manual on the product that gives instructions on the proper usage of the product. He sells to anyone who can buy and not knowing whether they can maintain it or not.
The manufacturer is the brain behind the mechanism of the product. He knows it, in and out and is in the best position to render advice of after sales services to clients.
In the part of the world where I come from, the usual practice is that when you buy an item and it develops a fault, you are quick to call on the roadside technician who has little or no knowledge of the product, and the best he can do is to create more problems in the product. For instance, give your automatic BMW car to a Peugeot auto mechanic to fix a minor engine fault. No matter how intelligent the Peugeot mechanic is, he will only succeed in destroying the life of that vehicle (BMW).

Now let’s come down to bright stars. Do you know you are a product of God, and that He designed you for a purpose? He made you and put you in your own hands, no wonder they say” your destiny is in your hands”. Invariably,” what you are is in who you are”.

Let us look at this issue critically; answer these questions in your hearts; who is your adviser, who do you get instructions from, when you are hurt who fixes you, do you know your limits or strength, do you pattern your life after another person’ life, do you have the specification of your life? Who really are you?

There are no two same persons on earth. Even the most identical twins or the siemes twins are not the same no matter how close they are; do not have the same specific purposes.

If you pattern your life after someone’ else, you will fail their failure, cry their cries, but won’t succeed their success.
“No matter the resemblance between the lizard and the crocodile, the former cannot be the latter.” In whose shoes are you?
Start living your life!

How do I succeed with me? Is the one million naira question you are asking?
Go back to the manufacturer (God) of your life and destiny to receive instructions from the manual ( Word) and get counsel from the counselor (Holy Spirit). John 1:1-3, 14:16-17.

God made you, called you and give you a purpose ;Jer.1:5-10. What the manufacturer calls his product is what it is, and a product is known by the purpose it fulfills. Let you purpose to be obvious to everyone, that glory be given unto the Lord.
The story of the talents in Mathew25:15-26 clearly illustrates mind of God towards us. He gives opportunities to succeed in the purpose(s) He has given to us and expects an account from us.
Our purpose in life is not just spiritual as many of us may think; that’s the reason He gave one five, the other three, and the third He gave one. This clearly shows that God wants us to fulfill our spiritual, physical, financial, emotional and material purposes in life.

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passion is what differentiates two individuals doing the same thing.God is passionate